LTS Documentation changes

In order to offer a better documentation and have a clean separation between the current and the next LTS release of XiVO, we decided to have a dedicated documentation site for the upcoming LTS (polaris).

First some explanation about our release cycle. Some months ago, we started to have different release cycles:

  • On one side we deliver LTS (long term support) versions that are supported for 3 years starting from the initial release of each LTS. We release two LTS versions per year. These versions will receive patch update during the whole supported period on a short lifecycle.
  • On another side we continue to work on what will become the next LTS version. As we are an Open Source editor, our work is available at early stages and we release intermediate versions every 3 weeks. However these intermediate versions are not recommended until we reach the level of quality expected for an LTS version.

As of today (Aug 16, 2017):

  • The current LTS version is Five with a patch level of 12 (Five.12 / 2017.03.12).
  • The next LTS version will be Polaris (expected to land later this year).

So now back to the documentation. We want the documentation to clearly reflect our release cycles, so we splitted the documentation. One is for the current LTS, one for the future LTS and you will also find archives of previous versions released.

Here are the links to the documentation: